Wim Daans is one of the new breed of multifaceted technicians, blurring the lines between artistry, production and technology in a diversity of disciplines. In his early career he played synths on tour with several EDM bands like the notorious Lords of Acid, and achieved kult status with his ambient solo-project Karma de la Luna. Over the years that followed he shifted his focus several times and worked as a sound designer, studio producer, backline technician, video editor and more recently as stage/production manager. In all of those positions, Wim's passionate love and extensive use of music technology has always been his driving motor. He likes to take care of all things MIDI, MADI, virtual instruments, digital audio, DAWs, timecode, clicktracks and other electronic wizardry happening on modern live productions.
As a sound designer and electronic artist, Wim is obsessed with synthesizers, both hardware and software. He owns a pretty big Eurorack modular system that he uses for things like classic analoge tracking to patching up advanced and experimental evolving soundscapes .

Wim Daans, eurorack, keyboard technician, studio
“I like to take on new challenges and see myself as a technical-artistic explorer, a seeker, and a human being in progress . Working freelance seems to fit best with my independent personalty, and I like to take on international tours to see part of the world. I love technology and gadgets, and like to program and tweak all sorts of machines. On the other hand I'm really fond of nature, people and life in general. On a typical day-off, you'll find me exploring the city, hiking in forests, or scuba diving amongst tropical fish. I like to work with creative, friendly, down-to-earth people on exciting new projects to make interesting things happen.”
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Specialised in :
keyboards , MIDI , MADI , DAW , digital audio , sound design , studio , software instruments, stage management
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Now working for :
Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) , Ultravox , Night of the Proms , Kick : artistical and productional solutions