Night of the Proms , Antwerp

For 8 years in a row , I’ll be working for the Night of the proms . This tour kicks off half october and goes on until Xmas . We’re doing around 50 shows in Belgium , Holland and Germany .
This is really a massive production : we have 1 full trailer of backline only ( and only 2 bacline techs ) . Not surpisingly if you know that the production is based around a 74 piece classical orchestra , including a grand piano , a harp , 4 timpanis , xylofone , concert bass drum , etc .... There’s also a full electric band , including V-drums , an advanced percussion setup , keys , bass & guitar .
My main job is to program and operate clicks and loops , program keyboard sounds , and setup the backline . Programming the clicks is really a challenge sometimes . Some of the classical stuff has very complex multi tempo and multi signature changes .
It took me a few years to get my head around the classical way of notating and interpreting rhythms , but I finally feel I’ve developped a good working relationship with the conductor .
I also get the freedom to add a personal touch to the music as well : a percussion loop her , a sound FX there ... this makes this work really enjoyable for me . I hope to keep on doing this for many years to come .