programming Roger Hodgson's new mainstage system

For years Roger Hodgson has toured with his old keyboard rig , consisting of a few hardware modules & many different standalone software instruments on his mac , all controlled from the combi mode of his trusted Triton . The system was needlesly complex while at the same time running up to it's limitations .When the hardware finally started to fall apart , we decided to translate his sounds into one compact mainstage rig .
After the last tour , we shipped Roger's rig to my studio , where I'm now meticulously analysing his sounds and controller settings , redesigning his old sounds in software or even sampling sounds into EXS instruments when the character of the original is too hard to recreate .
Off course Roger will want to finetune his stuff when we get to prepare the next tour , but I'm pretty confident I've come up with a very close approximation of his old rig .