ULtravox : programming for 2012 Brilliant tour

Sadly I had to let go of the Ultravox 2012 tour , because of clashing agendas with Roger Hodgson and Night of the Proms . Still I found time to spend a few days at the start of the rehearsals at Real World , to do some programming on the new songs & hand the job over to Roger Lyons . It was great to see all of my old friends again , and I'm very confident that Roger will be an excellent replacement . I'll try to come and see a show somewhere in Germany , from the audience side of perspective for a change ... ;-) ... and watch my old colleagues do the load out , while I'll be having drinks ... hehe ...

Ultravox , summer tour 2010

This is gonna be another great little tour with Ultravox . 6 shows in Sweden , 2 in Finland & 2 in the UK , spread over 3 weeks .
Same crew as usual , and I'm really looking forward to spend some time together with them , as well as catch up with the bandmembers .
The work has become routine by now , the travels are easy & comfortable , it's summer .... it might actually almost feel like a holiday this time ... and god knows I need one !

Ultravox : Return to Eden part 2 , European tour

Now on tour with Ultravox again for the second part of their Return to Eden tour . We're doing 21 shows in pretty much half of Europe this time (UK , Scandinavia , Germany , Switserland , Holland , Luxembourg , Italy) . I'm looking after all the computers and electronics . Basically that's 4 macs , all running mainstage or Logic , some controller keyboards , electronic drumpads , etc ...
Crew is almost the same as last time and it feels good to get together again and work in a great production like this . It doesn't get much better than this when it comes to touring .

Ultravox , Duisburg (D) & Lokerse Feesten(B)

The last couple of gigs for Ultravox this year , so also a goodbye to all of my good friends from the crew and the band . I hear plans are already emerging for next year , so hopefully we’ll continue this reunion tour sometime in 2010 .

Ultravox , Isle of Wight festival (UK)

5 weeks after the last tour we’re making a one off appearance on june 13th at the Isle of Wight Festival in the UK . We’re having 2 rehearsing days in London prior to this to fresh up a bit , reprogram the shorter setlist , make some corrections after the evaluation of the last tour , etc .... Everybody is in a good mood , we’re all glad to see each other again , so this is gonna be a great start of the festival season .

Ultravox , UK tour "Return to Eden"

I’m really thrilled about this tour . As a child from the eighties , I’ve always liked Ultravox , and now I got asked to join the reunion tour as a backline tech . I’ll be responsible for all the keyboards apart from Billy’s (who’s got his own tech) , the electronic drum triggers and most of the computers on stage , all running logic or mainstage . A few weeks back I spent a few days in London programming stuff for the rehearsals , and the guys are really cool to work with . What more do you want ? We’ll be doing 17 shows in the UK and Ireland , starting april 10th in Edinburgh and ending may 3rd in Belfast . It’s going to be a great tour !

update : I’ve also made the clouds used on the LED screens for the opening song Astrodyne . Have a look at them here (right click and download)

Ultravox , London

3 days of programming for the upcoming Ultravox reunion tour in april . I’ll be working with drummer Warren and bassist Chris to get the Rhythm section going . Back in the days it was all analog beatboxes and synths connected with cv and gate . The challenge now is to recreate it all using software only . I already found some samples from their favorite durmmachines and I have a pretty good idea how to put it all together . I’m really looking forward to this ...