Pulse Mandala

Pulse Mandala : DeepMind Dreamscape

New Pulse Mandala track in the DeepMind series is out now, a 3 hour long soundscape designed for deep relaxation, introspection, meditation, etc ….
Also check out the very psychedelic VIDEO on youtube

New album Pulse Mandala

The second album of my solo project Pulse Mandala is now out and available through all major online distribution channels. Checkt it out on the dedicated homepage: www.pulsemandala.com
PM vol2 cover-art LARGE

Pulse Mandala, first album


All of my adult life I’ve been into ambient music, scifi phylosophy and cosmic movies, and with my brand new project I feel all these passions come together into one new abstract art form. Pulse Mandala is a synthetic experience that builds upon the mechanisms of nature and the universe itself : chaos theory, unpredictability, randomness. It’s a concept designed to relax and escape from this reality.
If you’re into this, I kindly invite you to check out the website, like my facebook page, watch and share the trippy promo video, or even buy the first album online .