Roger Hodgson

Roger Hodgson EU tour 2016

Roger Hodgson keeps on touring in 2016, and I'm still touring with him. It's just such a great bunch of people to work for, and it keeps being a challenge too … ;-)

Roger Hodgson world tour 2015

My 7th year touring the world with Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) as a stagemanager and his keyboard tech. These guys are like a second family to me now, and it's good to go out on an adventure in good company again. I do say "adventure" because Roger knows to pick his locations : ancient castles, natural amphitheatres, and even a gig 500m deep down underground in a salt mine cave. are on the list this year. Not always easy work conditions, but always totally worth the effort ! Tourdates in the sidebar .


Roger Hodgson : tour 2014

And we keep on touring again with Roger Hodgson in 2014 too . New territories , old friends , ever changing setups with new technology , trying to raise our standards , travelling the world like nomads with our 2 man crew and Pelican cases full of essential gear , renting local stuff and trying to make a show happen day after day , night after night ... you do get tired of it sometimes , but then again : after a few months at home you just want to hit the road again and throw yourself into that familiar jungle called tour-life . This year we’re taking it easy : just some European and some North and South America shows .
Oh , and I found some time to design a new T-shirt , of which you’ll find a pic just here :Child-V6-for-PRINT

Roger Hodgson : World Tour 2013

Yes , Roger is keeping me busy again this year , as you can see on this year’s T-shirt backside . Need I say more ? … :-) … exact tourdates in sidebar .
Just like every year we’re making some technical improvements . We replaced our Aviom personal monitor systems with a brand new Pivitec system , giving every band member mix-control over 32 channels on their iPads over wifi … and that’s just the start : this production is in a constant state of evolution , which is sometimes stressful , but also keeps things interesting .


Roger Hodgson : a small trip to North America


Just 2 duo shows : one in Ridgefield , CT , and a second one in downtown NYC . Great to see some old friends back in this new year . It’s also upgrade and prepping time for the forthcoming World Tour 2013 : we’re all moving to Mountain Lion so quiet a bit of work to update all plugins and drivers . We’re also looking into a new monitoring system and some other overall improvements to our touring gear .

Roger Hodgson , tour 2012

With over 80 shows allready being confirmed , 2012 is gonna be a real busy year for Roger Hodgson . We're planning 3 or 4 runs in North America , a big trip through South America , and some touring in Europe as well . Band and skeleton crew starts to roll like a machine , so it's really fun working too . The touring schedule is a work in progress , so I'll just leave the tourdates in the sidebar . As usual , it's just Howie & myself being the tech guys , so we'll be busy ... hehe ...

Roger Hodgson (supertramp) summer tour 2011 : the end !

Well , that was it : the end of the Roger Hodgson summer tour 2011 . It's been a rough ride all over a few continents , and I'm gonna miss all the guys after this intense time we spent together . On the road I made a succesfull transition from Roger's combined hardware & software setup to a pure software setup , sampling all his sounds into ESX24 format for use in Mainstage . It all had to be done in hotelrooms & during soundchecks , so it was a long process , but we pulled it off , and now we've got a much simpler and more compact setup to fly around the wordl for next year ..... to be continued for sure !

Roger Hodgson spring & summer tour

A lot of full band shows this year , starting en of may and going all through the summer . This is going to be a hectic schedule all over Europe , partly with our own transport , backline and FOH , partly flying with local rented backline and FOH , so Howard & I have got to keep it all simple , modular and tidy . I have a big full drumkit to take care of and 3 serious keyboard rigs that all involve Mainstage + additional hardware . Howard - who does the FOH - sends 16 stems for use in our new AVIOM personal monitoring system . Yes that's correct : it's just Howard & myself to take care of transport , FOH , backline , miking it all up , monitoring , etc .... it's a challenge , but at least we won't be bored ... hehe .....

Roger Hodgson : North America tour

Another small tour with Roger Hodgson and his band , starting with a couple of days rehearsing in the Pechanga casino resort (California) , followed by 6 casino shows in the US & Canada . We have a little break in the middle that we'll use to check out the Perfect Sounds Studio in LA .

programming Roger Hodgson's new mainstage system

For years Roger Hodgson has toured with his old keyboard rig , consisting of a few hardware modules & many different standalone software instruments on his mac , all controlled from the combi mode of his trusted Triton . The system was needlesly complex while at the same time running up to it's limitations .When the hardware finally started to fall apart , we decided to translate his sounds into one compact mainstage rig .
After the last tour , we shipped Roger's rig to my studio , where I'm now meticulously analysing his sounds and controller settings , redesigning his old sounds in software or even sampling sounds into EXS instruments when the character of the original is too hard to recreate .
Off course Roger will want to finetune his stuff when we get to prepare the next tour , but I'm pretty confident I've come up with a very close approximation of his old rig .

Roger Hodgson , South America tour

Another small tour in South America with this great band that almost sounds like the real Supertramp . Roger wants to move to mainstage , keyboardplayer Kevin is using mainstage , and even multi-instrumentalist Aaron is integrating mainstage in his setup now , so I know what to do . We're doing 6 shows in Argentina , Brazil , Panama & Venezuela . Apart from the drumkit and some keyboards we're flying everything , so it's another adventure to get everything through customs & metal detectors , etc ..... luckily , the south american climate and overall vibe makes it more than bearable ... :-) ....

Roger Hodgson , Madrid

The last show of this tour and since it's a special orchestral show , Roger's setup will need a lot of alterations . It's going to be good to see all my friends again for the last time this year , but plans are already being made for the next year , so who knows .....

Roger Hodgson , Achen (D)

Roger has a few days off and wants to do some additional programming , trying to transfer all his settings and sounds to mainstage and try out some new plugins .
I'll be helping him out in this 2 day session .

Roger Hodgson , Avenche , Switserland

Another one-off date for a Roger Hodgson show in Switserland . This extraordinary man mostly manages everything by himself for his solo shows , but when playing festivals with short change overs he feels more at ease when I’m around , so here I am again . great location (an old Roman amphi-theatre) , great company , and I even had some extra time to visit some friends in Geneva .... sometimes it just all falls together ... :-) ...

Roger Hodgson , The Hague Jazz festival

Roger Hodgson will be supported by the Metropole Orchestra for this gig , including a pop rhythm section . It’s all gonna sound a bit more like the real supertramp , which is a good thing I guess . I’ve always liked Roger’s band shows . We just did a full day rehearsal at the Metropole’s studio in Hilversum and are now preparing for the show in The Hague . Roger’s setup needs to be simplified as the orchestra will take over a lot of parts that he normally plays on keyboards .

Roger Hodgson , Strasbourg

A one off show with Roger in Strasbourgh on may 14th . Roger is always trying to improve on his software based setup and it’s been a while since we worked together , so he’ll probably want me to look into his new configurations and finetune some things . It’s always a pleasure to spend a few hours brainstorming and programming with Roger , as we seem to inspire each other for the better ideas .

Roger Hodgson , South America tour

This is going to be a fun tour . 3 weeks in South America , with a cool and relaxed band and crew . We’re doing shows in Ecuador , Venezuela , Peru , Argentina and Chili . Starting with a few days of rehearsals in Ecuador and then doing only 5 shows , this trip is gonna leave us with some spare time to check out this continent .
We’re renting most of the backline locally , so that could be interesting .... well : I have a feeling this is going to be an adventure , and that is a good thing .

Roger Hodgson , Athena

4 days in Athena for 2 shows : I think I’m actually going to climb the acropolys and enjoy the mediteranian weather .
It’s always nice to be out with Roger again . It’s a real small production with great people , and everybody is always relaxed , the hotels are great , the venues are good , ...... I wish I could do more of these kind of jobs .

Roger Hodgson , Brazil tour

I’ve never been in Brazil , so I’m looking forward to his one . We’re doing 3 shows : Sao Paulo , Brazilia and Rio de Janeiro + 3 days of rehearsals in Sao Paulo as well . We’re doing all this in 1 week , so It’s a pretty busy schedule . Normally Roger is playing solo , but this time he decided to do it with a band , so it’ll almost be like Supertramp again .... which is nice ....
We’re renting the drumkit , but we’re flying in all the essentials . The crew is just Howard for the FOH and me , so we’ll know what to do .
Brazil : here we come !

Roger Hodgson , Germany

A one of show in Germany with Roger Hodgson . I worked with Roger before years ago on the NOP tour ,and he contacted me to help him re-program his live keyboard rig . It’ gonna be good to see him again , and ik looks like we’re do some more work in the future .