turning the MIDI rack into a MADI rack

September is a quiet month for me , so it's the perfect time to upgrade my trusted MIDI rack & turn it into a MADI rack . More and more , rather than just triggering modules & stuff like in the old days , I'm operating the clicks & loops for live shows , sending out timecode as well for syncing the lightshow & triggering video cues . I use 2 macs (one is a backup) , that run in wild sync , and they're both hooked up to a yamaha 01V/96 for easy routing and switching between the 2 machines .
Up until now it always involved a lot of cabling & DI's , but I've decided to go completely digital from source to destination (mac to digital FOH desk) . That means connecting and routing everything through adat pipes to the 01V/96 & then out into a RME ADI648 spitting out MADI signal over BNC .
I'll try it out on the forthcoming Night of the Poms tour from october to december . It should make life easier for all parties involved , as well as improve reliability and sound quality .